Rachael Owhin #OXFORD10000’s Top 10 Crowdfunding Tips

By on September 11, 2015

Crowdfunding pro Rachael Owhin #OXFORD10000, impressively raised £10,000 in 10 days! Here are her top 10 crowdfunding tips:


Crowdfunding, especially for £10,000 in 10 days, is no easy feat. Though I was no expert when I launched my campaign, I knew I had to be strategic and relentless in my pursuit. Unfortunately, you can’t just create a pitch, post it on Facebook a few times, and expect money to start rolling in. I learnt so many lessons along the way, more tha I can condense into one post, but here are 10 of my top crowdfunding tips – I hope you find them useful!

1) Be very clear

Make it explicitly clear where every penny is going and why you need to crowdfund rather than use conventional sources of funding – be very open about this. People want to know exactly where their money is going and evaluate whether it’s worthy or not so give them enough information to work with!

2) Tell your story and explain why you are pursuing your goal

Where it will take you? Why does it mean so much to you? Even tell people what you’ve done to make it to where you currently are and how much you have achieved already. Show that you have done as much as you can already and aren’t just waiting for handouts.

3) Get personal

Speak to as many people as possible about your campaign on a ONE TO ONE basis, be it in person, via email, or Facebook message. Avoid generic messages. Be as personal as possible because people will ignore mass messages because they don’t appear to be important. If it’s important enough, you’ll get personal!

4) #hashtag

Think of a catchy name for your campaign and create a hashtag. Be relentless in spreading the word on ALL forms of social media – Twitter and Tumblr are great for spreading news fast. Using a hashtag will bring your posts together and make your campaign easily identifiable. Till this day, people still call me “Miss #OXFORD10000!”

5) Set a reasonably short time period for your campaign

Don’t leave it open for weeks on end as people will have no reason to donate now rather than later (and usually, they won’t donate later). My campaign only ran for 10 days which built momentum and encouraged people to donate as soon as possible!

6) Be concise

Ensure the information in your pitch, and in other correspondence is concise. People aren’t expecting an email from you at 5am asking for money, so a long essay about your hopes and dreams will probably put them off! Create a short 1-minute video pitch introducing your campaign, which you can have alongside a longer and more informative one if you’d like.

7) Tell absolutely EVERYONE you know and have ever met about your campaign

All friends, family, previous schools, jobs, and even people on the bus – tap into ALL of your networks. Also, target individuals and organisations in your field. Don’t limit anyone. Everyone is a potential sponsor and you’ll be surprised to see who ends up sponsoring you!

8) Don’t start on £0

Identify a few relatively large donors early on in your campaign, preferably before you launch it, i.e. a family member or mentor. Starting your campaign on £0 is very tough and isn’t encouraging for people visiting your page.

9) Use Hubbub

As you know, I used Hubbub for my campaign and outside of their superior customer service, they also don’t charge any fees. All of the other major crowdfunding platforms take a percentage of each donation, which is extremely annoying particularly at a time where every penny counts. If your campaign isn’t for education or social good and you can’t use Hubbub, the best thing to do is look around for which to provider takes the least from each donation and provides the best support.


What is for you will be YOURS! Nothing and no one, not even money, can stand in the way of that!

Rachael Owhin
University of Oxford MSc Migration Studies graduate
Rachael Owhin

Rachael Owhin

Crowdfunding pro Rachael Owhin #OXFORD10000, impressively raised £10,000 in 10 days
Rachael Owhin

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