What is all the hubbub about?!


We’re usually not ones to shout too loudly, but this time we’ve got something we are really proud of and want everyone to know about. We are an innovative start up founded in 2011, dedicated to making education better. Over the last couple of years we’ve grown up quite a bit. Not only are more great people working in our … Continue reading

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If you have real tech talent, we have exciting challenges to match!


hubbub is growing, again! Our ambition is unlimited, and our prospects are superb, so we are looking for excellent tech talent in London/Bristol and for the right candidates, remote. If you think you have what it takes to fill the following positions, we would love to hear from you. We are looking for one experienced developer with a good understanding … Continue reading

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Defensibility and the Commercial Elements of Whitelabel Crowdfunding


Introduction hubbub receives around 5-10 requests for whitelabel crowdfunding platforms a month. In the vast majority of cases, we are either not told various pieces of information around the project, or we are told but only under NDA. The information can include: which person or company is commissioning the project what market sector and or geography is being targeted by … Continue reading

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The Art of Critical Thinking


Written by Franklyn Addo It is extremely unfortunate that many people mindlessly accept various ideologies as “facts”, without stopping at any point to question their validity. From the onset, a child, their inquisitive and curious nature is extinguished and they are encouraged to simply accept the world the way it is and discouraged from asking “why”. In actual fact, the … Continue reading

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“Milestones” – a better crowdfunding model?

milestone path

“Think carefully about which crowdfunding platform to use.” This is a common piece of advice, but it isn’t quite right. If your project is relatively small, your success is entirely down to how you utilise your networks, so the platform is pretty irrelevant. Many platforms have had successful projects raising hundreds of thousands of dollars. Again, it’s down to you … Continue reading

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hubbub Success – Cine Pak


By Myriam Raja, Film Production student at the Arts University College at Bournemouth. Cine Pak Facebook Page So there it was – my idea neatly written out on a blank piece of paper in front of me. It seemed simple enough at the time; to travel over to my native country Pakistan and run a series of free filmmaking workshops for … Continue reading

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How I turned an idea into a project with £1200 of funding


Last March, I received my Raspberry Pi in the post after waiting months and spending all day trying to pre-order one when the site went down due to the huge popularity of the little device. And when I finally got hold of this swanky new piece of tech I thought to myself, as many of us do – “What do … Continue reading

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The Diary of a Geek Gurl… Getting “not-for-profits” up and running!


  Carrie Anne Philbin talks about her campaign to get more girls into science-based subjects, and the experience of her Sponsorcraft project… Rainbows, fluffy things, and unicorns is what it is like to have a project funded through Sponsorcraft. As an East London ICT Teacher I’ve been working on a not-for-profit project this year to inspire teenage girls to take … Continue reading

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“So, I guess you’re screwed now Kickstarter’s here…”


At hubbub we meet a lot of people and talk to a lot of people about crowdfunding. We pitch to investors, education departments, student unions. And we have been explaining crowdfunding to the UK market now for over a year. In that time, we have been asked countless times why the education-sector needs its own platform, and why our projects … Continue reading

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Do you want to know how to raise £390 in 72 hours?


A post by recently successful crafter, Sarah Bedford of Durham University, on what she learned about crowdfunding through her own campaign. – Do you want to know how to raise £390 in 72 hours? Our company, Rag and Bone Productions, did just that. This summer we are making our first appearance at the Edinburgh Fringe with a dark and innovative … Continue reading

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