Notifyed: Transforming Student Engagement

By on January 7, 2016

We’re always looking to share digital tools that help professionals in the education sector! I caught-up with Andy Davis, co-founder of the app Notifyed, to find out more about the app making it simple for professors to communicate with students.

How does Notifyed help teachers communicate with students?

Andy: Students communicate with each other via apps. Yet most universities mostly communicate with students via email – the only communication method that they use less and less every day.


Students constantly receive emails from societies/clubs, lecturers, university admin, fellow students and advertisers. Their flooded inboxes has made email an ineffective communication channel for university students, especially on mobile phones.emailEmail is great for long form communication but not short, immediately digestible information. Notifyed was born to solve this problem. It’s a secure, one-way group messaging app for lecturers to communicate to students and free for both lecturers and students on all devices.

How does Notifyed work?

Andy: Its very easy to use.  

Lecturers create a class on the app and receive a class code. They can share this code with students and send messages straight away. This could be anything from academic updates, class discussions, links to reading materials for future lessons, motivational messages, schedule changes and deadline reminders.

Students simply download the app and type in the class code. They can then receive notifications on their phone when the class professor sends a message.

It’s a one-way messaging app: students can’t reply to messages through the app which ensures messaging is uncluttered for professors.




Which institutions use Notifyed?

Andy: Currently lecturers at UCL, University of Reading & Royal College of Art have been using Notifyed to improve their communication with students.notifyed_unis

Studies have been undertaken validating the impact sending students short messages has on their academic attendance and completion rates.


Notifyed is currently undertaking a research study with UCLs Centre for Behaviour Change to measure the impact of messaging students.

How can lecturers and professors get started with Notifyed?

Andy: If youre a university lecturer/professor, TA, head of department or a Visiting Fellow, sign up (for free) at or download the iOS app or Android app

Once you have the app, you can create your first class, share your class code with your students and start sending messages.

Feel free to get in contact with any feedback or suggestions!

Andy Davis, Co-founder and CEO of Notifyed

Andy Davis is a Visiting Fellow at Surrey University. Prior to Notifyed, Andy built a school admissions platform funded by Telefonica and others. From 2013-2014, Andy worked very closely with early stage startups on product, investment, hiring, business development as Programme Coordinator at Telefonicas startup fund Wayra.

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