Hubbub’s memories from 2016

By on December 28, 2016

It has been a busy year for everyone at Hubbub, but we couldn’t be happier for all the great moments we shared with all of you during the past twelve months.

New clients, new hires, new exciting plans, the $1 million investment we won in VentureClash, our expansion in the wider US market, our successful Hubbub conference are only a few of our highlights.

Hubbub’s review of the year

We asked our own Hubbub team to pick their favourite moments from the past year and here’s an overview:

I was super excited at being able to help clients with their Giving Days, which was part of our US growth. It was also great to see development of new technology (Ambassadors) to do it, and see it so valuable to their success.

Duncan Knox

There were several big moments for me, not the least of which was joining such an amazing team in June of this year.  I really enjoyed our first AGM back in September and the opportunity it presented to share our results and growth plans with existing investors.  Finally, securing funding from Connecticut Innovations to fuel our US growth was a big moment in the history of Hubbub and I am very excited about the potential for the further growth and development of our platform that will be delivered next year as a result of this.

Joshua Hitchcock
Finance Director


I am happy that Hubbub open an office in North America and won the VentureClash to further grow our efforts on this side of the pond. We’ve added at least one awesome team member, Don, and will soon add another.

Thomas Coke
VP of Sales
Founder of Hubbub North America

I am happy to have been able to join a group of professionals who are fun and forward thinking. 
Don Rhoads
Business Development

Screen Shot 2016-12-28 at 15.33.32

Getting the opportunity to visit Texas Christian University for their Day of Giving and learn how they used our Ambassador tool on the ground was an incredible learning experience and tonnes of fun.

Lewis Clayton
Commercial Director

I was happy to join Hubbub to manage its content presence and our goal is to explore new opportunities that will add value to a highly engaged community. It’s an interesting challenge to share our insights and our values through our blog, our case studies, the sharing centre, our events, and even our social platforms. Here’s to an even more productive new year!

Tereza Litsa
Content Manager

Screen Shot 2016-12-28 at 15.39.23

Sophia Duffy
Creative Director

Screen Shot 2016-12-28 at 14.59.59

Thank you to all who have supported us this year – we’re looking forward to 2017!

Team Hubbub xx

Tereza Litsa

Tereza Litsa

Content Manager at Hubbub
Tereza is managing Hubbub's content marketing efforts, handling the creation and the distribution of content, while focusing on adding value to the growing digital fundraising community.
Tereza Litsa

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