How new regulations affect fundraising by Adrian Beney #hubbubconf

By on December 13, 2016

Adrian Beney, Partner of More Partnership delivered a highly informative presentation at Hubbub’s Digital Giving Day about the latest changes in regulations and how they affect fundraising and digital programs.

The changing regulatory environment is not stopping people from fundraising, but the processing of data must be fair from now on.

Evidence-based strategy and new regulations" by Adrian Beney

According to Adrian, it is a challenge to make processing fair and these are the fundamentals of fair processing of data:

Ensure you have evidence of consent

Evidence of consent is crucial from now on and digital communication and social media have a significant role in getting consent.

Here’s an overview  in case you’re wondering whether you need a consent to contact someone.

Evidence-based strategy and new regulations" by Adrian Beney

How to control consent

There is a need for co-operation within different parts of the same organisation in order to increase the effectiveness when controlling consent. Here some tips from Adrian on controlling consent:

How can you earn consent?

  1. Audience analysis and segmentation – look at your current database while researching or segmenting the audience
  2. Message testing – try testing different asks through multiple channels and A/B testing 
  3. Digital fundraising asks – use ambassador networks to stimulate others to get involved
  4. Data collection, reporting, research, consent – these can derive from stewardship communications, project creators (students), donors

If you want to listen to more details and examples, watch the full video of the presentation below.

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