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By on June 27, 2016

Hubbub’s blog reaches thousands of fundraising professionals every month & we welcome guest posts to continue our mission of offering genuine advice to people in the education & nonprofit sectors.

If you’re interested in writing a post for the blog, please send over your topic suggestions to tereza.litsa@hubbub.net

Blog Guidelines

Blog purpose – always giving value

Designed to provide genuinely useful information to people in the education or charity space.

Create content around actionable, simple strategies and tactics to help fundraisers/education teams. Create content about tactics we already use at Hubbub & from others in the industry.

Blog values

Transparency – We want to be honest and open in our content, we want to make sure we are sharing real results.

Real advice Our content is something that can be immediately used and shares specific and actionable solutions.

Easily readable. e.g: clear headings for paragraphs, quotes, links to other sites/articles, bullet points, short paragraphs, infographics, images, screen shots etc.


Sending draft

Word count: 500 – 2000 words
Format: copy on Google doc
Images: send as attachments via email
For your author bio please include: a couple of sentences about yourself, your job title, an image of yourself (attached to an email), your organisation’s website, & (optional) your Twitter URL


Christina Pashialis

Digital Marketing Manager at Hubbub
Christina is using content and inbound marketing techniques to build Hubbub's online presence. She is passionate about helping education and non-profit professionals to reach goals through digital marketing.

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