4 ways crowdfunding will get you hired

By on March 1, 2015

Running a successful crowdfunding campaign can do wonders for your CV! Your campaign page provides a snapshot of entrepreneurial skills you can show off to potential employers.

“Successful crowdfunding is successful marketing” 

-Clay Herbert of Crowdfunding Hacks

1) Project Management

Employers LOVE to ask cliché question number two,  ‘please give an example of a time you’ve met targets’. Reaching a crowdfunding target (or, better, overfunding your target!) ideally shows you can plan and complete a project.

You’ll have carefully worked out the budget you need to turn your idea into a reality with a clear breakdown of exactly how funds will be spent. You’ll have had to strategically make a note of who you’re going to ask for a donation and schedule social media posts.

2) Community Management Skills

‘Give an example of a time you managed a team’ – cliché interview question number two…

A crowdfunding campaign proves that you can bring lots of people to together to support one cause.

Your page ideally shows the number of donors, comments and followers that contribute to your project’s target. This is gold dust in an age where online communities are key to building a brand.


Asking your personal network for donations through messages, in person or by phone and sending well timed reminders shows off your capacity for direct marketing.

Creating a strong social media presence with a dedicated project Twitter and Facebook page where you post project milestones, relevant content and thank donors, proves your ability to build a social media campaign.

3) Working Under Pressure

‘Please give an example of a time you’ve worked under pressure’ – interview question number three.

You can explain that you were crowdfunding whilst simultaneously studying for a course or working a full/part time job. If you had five days left of your campaign and not met your target, you’ll have had to re-think your plan and do a last minute push for donations by re-contacting your personal network and thinking outside the box to reach your target in time!

4) Content Creation Skills

Interview questions number four… ‘Give an example of a time that you created persuasive content’

Your page proves your ability to create persuasive content.  From including a short, fun video where you talk about your project and what it means to you, to including photos to writing a clear, concise explanation of your project. Use your page to show off your creative flair!

Get hired

Running a successful crowdfunding campaign gives you an impressive entrepreneurial skill-set to show off to employers. Start an inspiring crowdfunding project today to boost your CV!

Christina Pashialis

Digital Marketing Manager at Hubbub
Christina is using content and inbound marketing techniques to build Hubbub's online presence. She is passionate about helping education and non-profit professionals to reach goals through digital marketing.

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