“So if I invest in Hubbub, I get 30% back as tax relief?! For real?!”

By on August 28, 2014
Stranger than fiction, but it’s true! The government has a rather marvellous scheme to support fab start-ups like us called EIS. What does that mean for you? As an example, say you invest £1000, then you get £300 back. It’s a simple process and goes a little something like this:
  1. You invest in Hubbub at http://spsr.me/cchubbub
  2. We send you an EIS3 form
  3. You claim back on your Self Assessment tax return
  4. Rather nicely, you can actually make a claim up to 5 years after your investment was made
  5. HMRC includes this payment re-issue in its calculation of your Self-Assessment tax return (typically repayments are cheque or direct transfers to your bank account)
  6. Unfortunately (mainly for us at Hubbub!) this excludes anyone working at or with Hubbub.

In a nutshell: we’re EIS-approved by HMRC and tick all their boxes.

It’s a lovely money-back scheme for investors (like you!) in order to encourage success in the UK’s best start-ups and entrepreneurs (like us!).
That was the nice ’n brief version looking at income tax relief – there’s heaps more information you can find on HMRC which also includes capital gains exemption, loss relief and capital gains tax relief referral. Loss relief? That’s if disaster struck and Hubbub was no more – in which case you’d be able to claim back even more of your investment depending on your income tax band.
We love EIS – it’s a win win for everyone! All the more reason to join us on Crowdcube.


Government Health Warning:
It’s always a good idea to get a trusted professional accountant’s advice before investing in anyone. For the record: whilst I am trustworthy, I am not an accountant.


Hubbub Health Warning:
Our investment round closes on 15 September 2014 and we’re already overfunding. Don’t miss out!


#investinhubbub at http://spsr.me/cchubbub

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