Reach the first 21% of your crowdfunding target in 5 easy steps

By on January 21, 2015

Once most campaigns on reach the first 21% of their crowdfunding target, they usually go on to reach the whole amount. It can be off-putting for potential donors to see a project with no donations so it’s important to secure early support before you promote your page.

Once you’ve achieved 21%, you’ll have built momentum, your campaign target looks like something achievable and this can inspire a snowball effect for more donations.

Read on for our 5 crowdfunding tips that will help you get that first 21%!

1) Plan who you’re going to ask

Get people that are most likely to donate on board as quickly as possible. Early donations from your close friends and family are key to getting that first 21%! Go through your phone or Facebook contacts and make a list of:

Having a set plan makes it more likely you’ll follow through on your asks!

 2) Don’t Ask… Don’t Get

Often the difference between a campaign kicking off and having zero donations is simply the difference between whether you directly ask people for donations or not.

You could have the most philanthropic of projects, a campaign page that looks fantastic and have told lots of people about your project but if you don’t directly ask people for a donation, you won’t get the early funds you need to kickstart your campaign!

Going the extra mile and directly asking for donations will make a huge difference. If there’s one tip you follow in this post, make it that!

 3) How to make a super ask

A good way to ask for a donation is to send someone a short message briefly outlining what you’re raising funds for, explaining why the project is important to you and then asking if they can donate. Let people know how helpful their early donations will be before you promote your campaign to the masses.

Here’s an example of a short, friendly message you could send:

‘Hey <name of friend>, can I ask you a favour? I’m raising funds for a project that’s really important to me on <add sentence briefly explaining your project>. I need to raise £1000 in 30 days and it would be amazing if you could make an early donation to get me started! You can read more about my project & donate at Much appreciated, <your name>’

3) Don’t share your project on social media straight away

Once your campaign page is ready, don’t share it on social media just yet. People are more likely to tweet/share it on Facebook if they see a campaign that already has some donations, not one that is on £0. It’s important to secure donations from family and close friends before promoting your campaign.

Follow’s Twitter and Facebook pages in the meantime to keep up to date with useful crowdfunding tips and inspiration.

 4) Persevere!

Don’t be afraid to ask people more than once for a donation. People often have the best intentions to support you but can easily forget to donate – there’s no harm in nudging them.

Wait a couple of weeks (you don’t want to bombard people!) and then send a friendly message reminding them about your project and that you’ll appreciate their early support.

5) Mention your campaign to everyone you come into contact with

As well as the people you’re directly asking for donations, it’s a good idea to mention your projects in conversations to people you meet before and during your launch. It’s also worth adding a link to your campaign in your email signature. Once your campaign is underway, you’ll be surprised by the extra support from those who have been aware of your project!

So there you have it, 5 tips to get your crowdfunding journey off to a speedy start!

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