How to get your university onboard with student crowdfunding

By on April 21, 2016

If you’re looking to integrate crowdfunding into your overall fundraising strategy (whether internally or through external platforms), it’s important to have full support from people in every part of your organisation and wider university community (a.k.a. crowdfunding stakeholders).

Having influential & excited crowdfunding ambassadors ensures that:

a) all students are aware that crowdfunding is an option to fund their project

b) ensures projects get the promotion they deserve

How do you identify who these key stakeholders are & how do get them on board?

In our stakeholder toolkit, we offer templates to get you thinking about who to involve & how to involve them.

“You might be tempted to get other teams on board a few weeks after launch when it’s sort of up and running. But if you begin to educate people and spread awareness, before it launches, then there’s going to be an appetite to learn more by the time you go live.”

Michaela Hopkins, MDXBusinessCrowdfund Project Manager, Middlesex Universty London

Here’s what you’ll learn in your stakeholder toolkit

Why you need crowdfunding stakeholders: a breakdown of why you need stakeholders to implement a crowdfunding strategy (e.g. to find potential projects, promote your platform, ensure project success)

Who the key stakeholders are & what incentives them: templates to help you brainstorm & identify specific people in your university community to contact

How to get these stakeholders involved: a template email to send potential stakeholders, advice on setting up a crowdfunding workgroup with stakeholders & what should be discussed in these workgroups

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