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By on March 23, 2015

So you’re part of an arts/theatre/fashion group and are hoping to put together a special show to exhibit your years’ hard work? Seen other performance groups raise money through crowdfunding but aren’t sure how they went about it? Read on.

Plan. Plan. Plan.

Crowdfunding (the art of reaching a fundraising target by lots of people donating different amounts) works effectively when a team work together and implement a promotional plan.

Create Your Page

Next – set up your awesome crowdfunding page.

Think about:

Will you include a video? Projects with videos are much more likely to reach their target. Add a short video (1- 2 minutes long) from your group showcasing your class’s work and talking about why you need people’s support.

Who will write the content on your page? This should be clear, short and upbeat. Explain what the show means to your group and why you need the funds with a cost breakdown.

Who will provide the photos for your page? For arts projects, photos of your great work and group photos adds a personal touch to the page.

Social Media? Create your Hubbub username with the name of your group if possible and a Facebook page/Twitter account dedicated to promoting your end of year show (e.g @leedstheatre15). Add these to your page to make it easily shareable.

What rewards will you offer donors? Adding rewards depending on how much people donate is an effective way to get people engaged with your show. Some great ideas include a shoutout on social media for donors, signed, personalised photos/thank you cards from the team or an invitation to the show’s after party. Check out our rewards guide for more ideas.


Once your plan is in place and your page has launched, it’s time to bring everything together!

Has your team directly messaged their networks? Get everyone in your team to directly message their network (the first flurry of donations are important – read this for more tips on reaching the first 21% of your target)

Have you nudged people? Encourage your team to send a friendly nudge to people they have asked for a donation after a few weeks. Often people have the best intentions to support you but just forget!

Are you providing updates? Supporters love to feel like they’re part of your project! Add updates to your page with photos of your show’s preparation and celebrate when you reach target milestones.

How are you using social media? Use social media regularly to thank donors, tag relevant organisations and post updates on your show’s progress. All this keeps the momentum of your campaign high and builds an enthusiastic, supportive community.

Enjoy the show

Reach your target and voila, the funds are all yours to put on a show-stopper!

Good luck! Pop any crowdfunding questions you have to We can also provide free drop-in sessions for universities based in London.

Christina x

Christina Pashialis

Digital Marketing Manager at Hubbub
Christina is using content and inbound marketing techniques to build Hubbub's online presence. She is passionate about helping education and non-profit professionals to reach goals through digital marketing.

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