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4 ways crowdfunding will get you hired


Running a successful crowdfunding campaign can do wonders for your CV! Your campaign page provides a snapshot of entrepreneurial skills you can show off to potential employers. “Successful crowdfunding is successful marketing”  -Clay Herbert of Crowdfunding Hacks 1) Project Management Employers LOVE to ask cliché question number two,  ‘please give an example of a time you’ve met targets’. Reaching a … Continue reading

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Reach the first 21% of your crowdfunding target in 5 easy steps


Once most campaigns on Hubbub reach the first 21% of their target, they usually go on to reach the whole amount. It can be off-putting for potential donors to see a project with no donations so it’s important to secure early support before you promote your page. Once you’ve achieved 21%, you’ll have built momentum, your campaign target looks like … Continue reading

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hubbub CEO Jonathan May talks in the Guardian about social enterprise funding


In the Guardian, hubbub founder Jonathan May discusses a step by step approach to funding a social enterprise, with and without money. In his article he points out three common misconceptions about funding a social enterprise, and how you can tackle them by being savvy, by communicating with customers and by scaling on a budget. “[…]Money makes the world go … Continue reading

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Student story: how crowdfunding turned my idea into a reality


Hayden is a unique young social entrepreneur. Since a young age, he has built up extensive experience in the promotion, community and political sector. Since a young age, I have always wanted to make a difference in my community. Aged 16 and eager to do something myself, I decided to embrace my favorite Milton Berle quote “if opportunity doesn’t knock, … Continue reading

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Monetising thin air: a guide for corporates (I know some of you are good at this already *cough*)


Downsized? Empty offices? Bare desks? Many companies in the last few years have struggled, leading to staff layoffs and unused space. Where leases can’t be renegotiated or terminated, you’re often stuck with a deadweight loss on your books. Landlords – particularly in the commercial property sector – have also been hard hit, with whole blocks of empty space increasingly pressuring … Continue reading

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“Milestones” – a better crowdfunding model?


“Think carefully about which crowdfunding platform to use.” This is a common piece of advice, but it isn’t quite right. If your project is relatively small, your success is entirely down to how you utilise your networks, so the platform is pretty irrelevant. Many platforms have had successful projects raising hundreds of thousands of dollars. Again, it’s down to you … Continue reading

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Do you want to know how to raise £390 in 72 hours?


A post by recently successful crafter, Sarah Bedford of Durham University, on what she learned about crowdfunding through her own campaign. — Do you want to know how to raise £390 in 72 hours? Our company, Rag and Bone Productions, did just that. This summer we are making our first appearance at the Edinburgh Fringe with a dark and innovative … Continue reading

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Crowdfunding Tips – Crafting your project – Titles and descriptions. How time spent tidying up your project could win you more donations


What do I mean by “crafting”? Here I am referring to all of the information you will be asked to provide in your project’s title, tagline and description. If things like videos and rewards are the salt, pepper and spice, your description is the real meat of your project. This is what people who like the feel of your video … Continue reading

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Crowdfunding Tips – Making a video – Part IV: How about some examples? Here are 4. Lots of love, Sponsorcraft


Need a little inspiration? Everything works better with examples. Here are 4 videos we’ve had on hubbub so far, the things I like about them, and some ways in which they might be improved: 1. FOURH4ND. A little on the longer side but has a really nice friendly feel to it. It begins with an introduction to some quiet … Continue reading

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Crowdfunding Tips – Making a video – Part III: What cameras/software/applications you can use to make your video


What can I use to make my video? There are plenty of options here. Many computers come with integrated cameras – the little ones above the screen you use for Skype. These are fine. You may also consider using an external digital camera, if you have one. DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras give awesome results. If you don’t own … Continue reading

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