What’s the difference between crowdfunding & peer-to-peer fundraising?

Duncan Knox

Co-Founder, VP of Business Development at Hubbub
Duncan single-handedly built Hubbub's relationships with university Development Offices around the UK. He has become the first point of contact to turn to regarding crowdfunding in education and now continues to develop networks across the Higher Education space

“Crowdfunding” was first coined after the successes of Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Since then, the term has become overused, increasingly as...

By March 10, 2016

Why should universities represent their telethons online?

Tom Sellers

Tom Sellers

VP of Sales at Hubbub
The name says it all. Tom has been working in sales in the education sector for 8 years, developing networks throughout the UK in private & state schools; understanding the structure and processes (and hoops!) that affect sales in the education sector.
Tom Sellers

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Since somewhere between 2002-2005 telephone fundraising has been broadly accepted as a fundraising method in Higher Education. Telethons firsts popped...

By March 8, 2016

Why your ugly giving form is losing you donations

Christina Pashialis

Digital Marketing Manager at Hubbub
Christina is using content and inbound marketing techniques to build Hubbub's online presence. She is passionate about helping education and non-profit professionals to reach goals through digital marketing.

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The design of your online donation form can be the key difference between someone feeling inspired enough to donate and...

By March 4, 2016

What 5 elements do great online campaigns have in common?

Tom Bage

Tom Bage

Communications Director at
Tom is's Communications Director & campaigning expert. offers people & organisations an online platform to implement petitions for social causes.
Tom Bage

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  1. They have a tangible request – addressed to the right person The best campaigns often have one simple...

By February 16, 2016

Do students make the best crowdfunders? University of Essex think so…

James Martin

James Martin

Regular & Planned Giving Officer at University of Essex
As the University of Essex's Regular & Planned Giving Officer, James is transforming how the University of Essex engage with young alumni through their crowdfunding platform, Click.
James Martin

  We launched our crowdfunding platform in November 2015, the culmination of several months of prepping and planning. We decided...

By February 8, 2016