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By on April 27, 2012

How do I convert page views to pledges?

…is a common question I receive at hubbub. Some people manage to achieve this because the required approach is part of their personality. They nag, but in a nice way. It’s very much a “mum” characteristic. Crafter’s MUST adopt it!

I just donated to a friend’s charity cycle ride because she emailed me. Three times. The first was generic. The second went to me and a mutual friend. The third went solely to me. Would our friendship survive if I snubbed her?

Of course, I never intended not to donate, but like all of us, I was busy when I got the email and I put it to one side. The second one also caught me at work – I put it on my to-do list, with 73 other items. The third message was a masterstroke. It came through Facebook. What do you do when you haven’t got anything else to do? Exactly. Have a browse on Facebook and if you have a personal message? Fantastic! One of my 376 friends actually cares enough to message ME! I was sold. My donation gave me that warm fuzzy feeling, and I saved a friendship.

Everyone’s busy so we’re happy to – and need to – receive reminders. As long as they’re personal ; )

Personal messages could be your most fruitful method of attracting pledges. It takes longer than sending a blanket email, and you have to manage your responses, but it helps sponsors to realise the value of their pledge to you. There are many ways to create an emotional connection, but whatever you do, make sure you do! And then make sure they share your project with their friends (because that’s quite personal too).

It takes time, but it’s easier than holding a collection box…

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