Summer has arrived! Freedom, festivals and plenty of time to come up with your next Sponsorcraft project.

Whack out the Pimm’s! The British summer seems to have arrived early this year. A walk through town yesterday evening introduced me to an entertaining array of scantily-clad beach volleyball-ers, people practising exotic circus stunts and even a couple of interesting chaps in clown outfits jazzing it up on the saxophone. Now that exams are finally over, it’s an opportunity to let our hair down, chill out and celebrate with a Jubilee barbeque, maybe hit the pubs for Euro 2012…

Have you had a chance yet to think about what you might DO with your summer?

Too early? The first impulse is usually just to meet up with your old school friends again and feel chuffed with yourself about not having to bash out another essay for the foreseeable future. No more 9am starts, Pro Plus and all-nighters. Bliss… :)

However, for some of you, plans are already afoot!

Ollie Bent, for example, will be spending two months in Tanzania working in their drastically underfunded hospitals. He ran as successful campaign through hubbub last month which saw him raise in excess of £1500 to cover the cost of his trip. The sponsorship money he raised will go towards covering the costs of flights, visas, vaccinations and internal travel within Tanzania.

When he touches down in Tanzania, Engineering World Health, the organisation who’ve organised his program, will provide him with one month of basic tuition in Swahili as well as equipping him with the skills he’ll need to repair and maintain the medical equipment he finds in the hospitals there.

For the second month, EWH will send him off to one of their target hospitals. These hospitals have no precedence of technical staff, so he will be working to make the most of whatever resources they have, and also performing reviews on how healthcare can be improved in such resource-constrained environments.

Are you looking to do anything similar? Or perhaps something a bit closer to home…

The Soup Library also have plans for the summer. Following the successful launch of their much-lauded ‘Soup & Sensibility’ onto the festival circuit last year, where they traded at WOMAD and Wilderness, 2012 will see The Soup Library bringing its unique vibe to many more events. They’ll be touring festivals up and down the UK serving their unique range of delicious vegetarian soups, as well as porridge in the mornings with a variety of toppings. As the name suggests, the tent is kitted-out like a library, with a varied selection of quirky books for people to enjoy. All of this fun in the sun will need to be funded somehow…

They’re currently raising money on Sponsorcraft to purchase additional kitchen equipment for their fledgling creation. At present, they only have two gas hobs to cook the soup on, which, we’re told, often leads to a ‘traffic jam’ in the production line, where “the demand for our delicious soups outweighs the speed at which we can make them,” explains Millie Forrest. As well as investing in two further hobs, The Soup Library will also need more gas cylinders to fuel them, as well as several more cooking pots. The remainder of the money will be spent on the GasSafe certification that this equipment will require so that it complies with health and safety legislation. Alas, even something as free and exciting as serving soup at festivals comes at a hefty price.

Is anyone hoping to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe in August? We’re helping a Bristol improvised comedy society and an Oxford a capella group raise money to cover transport, accommodation as well as programmes and flyers for the event.

Whatever you’re thinking of doing, have a think about how you might fund it. And start soon. You’ve got 4 full months of freedom to come up with something cool. We’re keen to see some summery projects. So grab a few pints and get cracking:

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