Ambassador Competition 2 – Spreading the hubbub <3

But wait! There’s not just one competition, but two!!

We feel like a team here at hubbub so we’ve also created a team competition for our ambassadors. This time everyone’s working collectively to disseminate the hubbub dream as far and as widely as possible. If one person wins, everyone wins!

The question is…


??? How many LIKES can the hubbub Facebook page achieve by the end of April ???

Hint: It’s not a guessing competition. The higher this number goes, the better the prizes get! 😉

500 LIKES- EVERY ambassador will win a hubbub 4GB USB wristband!

1000 LIKES- EVERY ambassador will win a hubbub hoody!

2,794 LIKES- EVERY ambassador will win a Livescribe Smartpen to make lectures a joy!

Alas, still no chocolate eggs… but we figured you might have a fair few of those headed your way already. Livescribes are the new coolest toy in town and, unlike Apple gadgets, chances are you’ll be the only kid in the room with one :)

Once again, if you want to be an ambassador at your university, contact


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