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Sponsorcraft's 1st Successfully Funded Project

Guess what, peeps?! hubbub was launched a mere 2 weeks ago and already we’ve had a successfully funded project. This happened more quickly than we were expecting. And it bodes pretty well given our infancy. Things are going to get a lot busier over the next few months!

So what of this project then? Oxford Women’s Ice Hockey Blues were raising £250 to cover the costs of hosting the 29th annual Varsity Match. This included hiring out an ice rink and providing post-match refreshments for the two teams. It’s the kind of event students put on every week at universities up and down the UK but things are now different with hubbub. Firstly, these groups can cover their costs (even in the absence of university or corporate funding). This gives them more confidence in putting on events, meaning they will be happier to organise more. In addition to this, at the events they’ve already organised, they can now aim to be more ambitious and provide a better service. How many big events can usually afford to offer free refreshments or print programmes, for example? Finally, they can draw more attention to their events by creating and promoting themselves through hubbub. They will have an online community of sponsors (alumni, friends, benevolent individuals) discussing and engaging with their activities when previously very few would’ve done so.

If you’re a club or a band looking to do something similar, you might want to check us out. Putting on any event can be expensive and hubbub seems to be working at the moment 😉 As well as the Oxford Blues project, we’ve got a new company called Walking Bristol nearly funded. They’re looking to offer free and unique tours around Bristol.

Were there any secrets to these projects’ success? Well, they chose relatively small funding targets and, in the case of the Ice Hockey Club, they managed to secure donations from within the university. The former is far from a necessity. It all depends on how much promotion time the Crafters are able to put in.

Even for a really strong project, it helps to set some time aside to promote and push what you’re doing over social networking sites and in person. Even more so at this early stage! The busier among you would be well advised to keep your targets under £1000 unless either a) you have some rather generous friends/great aunts or b) your project is absolutely stunning.

Who else are we working with? Here are 4 other projects going well on hubbub:

Emily Diamondhubbub is working with Olympic hopeful Emily Diamond to get her the funding she needs in the run up to the London Games. Emily is 20 years old and already one of Britain’s top female sprinters. She is currently balancing her studies while training for London 2012 under the guidance of Commonwealth and European gold medalist, Jared Deacon. In order to reach her goal of competing for Team GB in the Olympics this year and beyond, she has two main requirements: travel/competition and conditioning expenses. She needs to compete in as many international events as possible and she needs to stay in peak condition to perform well.

Burst Radio – Burst are looking to purchase outside broadcasting equipment in order to take the station out of the studio and onto the streets of Bristol. This will allow them to go roaming around the campus and city when they need to cover special events. The kit they need isn’t too expensive or complicated, but the only real source of finance they receive currently is their annual membership fees of £5 per person. They’ve got loads of cool goodies as rewards for donating including Burst merchandise, limited edition posters, CDs and a couple of other fun things.

Shining Eyes – Shining Eyes is a film written by Joseph Murréll, a young, ambitious film-maker living in Bristol, with a fantastic production crew behind him. They ‘re looking for around £200 to cover their travel and £200 for props and costumes. Their aim is to enter the finished film into the festivals this summer.

Disposable? – ‘Disposable?’ is the latest in a long line of projects from OneGiantArm, a group of creatives rooted in the South-West of England. Working in both digital and traditional media, they bring together diverse bodies of unique work by established and emerging artists from around the world. The idea behind the project is to send disposable cameras to amateur and professional photographers around the world to display their personal photographic style within the restraints of a disposable camera. Once the artists have used the camera they post it back to OneGiantArm and they process the film.
By utilising the postal service, this leaves the photographer with no opportunity to edit or select their final outcome, providing an interesting twist in our digital age. The resulting images will be featured in a group exhibition that they have organised for May this year, to run in line with The Bristol Festival Of Photography.
They are looking for funding to process the submitted disposable camera films and the printing costs of the exhibition, as well as a publication featuring the work of the photographers involved.

Like the sound of any of our projects, or keen to start one of your own? Hop along to and let’s make some really exciting stuff happen!

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