hubbub is go!

Boom! hubbub has launched. I know, right. Sure this news has brightened up your frosty February morning. Spiced up that bowl of soggy Cheerios… Granted, some of the more diehard Crafters among you may have noticed that the website’s ACTUALLY been live since shortly before Christmas, taking on our first batch of projects! However, these projects were being hidden away for several reasons. Malice being only one of them 😉

So why, you may be wondering, weren’t we revealing our projects sooner? Firstly, this was because these were still very much ‘work in progress’. As were we! hubbub is a brand new website with a new funding model and took a bit of getting used to at first. The good news for the rest of you is that you’ll now have 13 fantastic projects to use as inspiration for when you eventually come to create your own! For all the advice we’ve offered on the website, seeing live projects and getting ideas from their Crafters will be invaluable.

Secondly, we had to get PayPal donations working. Trickier than it sounds. Especially when they shut their site for reparations and then don’t respond for 3 weeks! 😮 Rant over.

Finally, we held back in order to maximise the power of the launch. Thanks to our Crafters’ hard work, this will be powerful indeed. With all 13 projects up and looking spectacular, we’re in a much better position to help you reach Sponsors.

So. What happens now? Well, we’re hoping you’ll enjoy browsing our maiden projects. See if there are any there you like. (We’ve got everything there from an Olympic hopeful to an a capella singing group!) If not, no worries. Rest assured, there are plenty more on their way. It would be awesome if you could post a link to any of the projects you like on either your Facebook or Twitter page. Or both. 😀 Asking a bit much, am I? How about posting a link to the hubbub homepage? Any help in notifying your friends and followers would be much appreciated! (We’ll be shouting at people too so you won’t sound completely ridiculous. Safety in numbers, yeah.)

Basically, it’s all about promotion at this stage. The more people that hear about hubbub, the more successful it’ll become. So feel free to get linking 😉 as well as crafting and sponsoring.

We’re also hopeful some of you reading this will either have ideas of your own you’d like to have a crack at raising money for, or at least know someone else who might. Spread the word. Go craft. Go sponsor. hubbub is now live and actively helping fund student imagination!

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