10 reasons you’ll love hubbub.

No need to contact 50 different funding bodies (separately). This can waste time and lower morale with each rejection. With hubbub, you can publish a single project on our platform and it will be viewed by hundreds of potential sponsors within a week.

No need to run countless fundraising events and stand around shaking a collection pot – the bulk of our users manage to do the bulk of their promotion through social media.

You will encounter very little resistance with hubbub. We are not here to tell you what you can and can’t do or what grants you can and can’t apply for. We’re not here to evaluate how your proposal prioritises against others. We will only offer advice, promotion and support to ensure your project receives the maximum attention and funding possible.

We have no complications with “ultra vires” – your SU may be constrained by the legal consequences of being seen to support your political demonstration, for example. Not so with hubbub. Need a coach to get you to London? Post up your cause. We can help.

Similarly, can’t get onto other platforms because you need to reference a charity? Can’t include your own travel and equipment costs on JustGiving? Again, we can help!

…from university budgets, funding bodies, college committees etc. We can help you to raise your own funding. The feelings of sponsors as to what constitutes a good proposal will not necessarily align with those of the institution you previously had to pester. See what the people think of your ideas!

We shift the power over to students, societies and sponsors. In doing so, hubbub democratises difficult funding decisions.

The site is easy to use. It incorporates all kinds of mechanisms for facilitating dialogue and sponsorship between students and the wider world. It’s easy for your sponsors to navigate and leaves your proposals looking very smart, shiny and presentable. Give it a go.

Creating a project on hubbub will give you something respectable to show all sorts of other sponsors you might want to contact. Creating a crowdfunding project is also the mark of somebody entrepreneurial – an attractive quality for investors.

We use our online presence and alumni/business links to promote your ideas more widely than you’re able to currently. hubbub has a wide network of partners and has helped a number of projects get featured in the likes of the Guardian newspaper, the London Student, the BBC website and on local radio.


A browse through the projects on our website from other clubs and societies will no doubt give you more ideas of your own. Seeing more stuff promoted, funded and successful will lead to more ambitious and adventurous ideas, more sponsorship and a more exciting university experience all round. Student funding will snowball. And with it, student ambition and imagination!

…to spend on what YOU want! And, let’s face it, money tends to feature on most students’ top 10 wish list, doesn’t it. 😉 Societies are always seeking funding to hold more events, go on more trips, buy more equipment and expand their activities. We offer a way of getting it.

hubbub provides a great way to re-engage with these people. We’re confident that once relationships have been re-established, these alumni will donate to their old universities and societies again and again. That means a bigger audience and more funding for you guys. The more exciting projects alumni hear about and the more connected they feel, the more likely they are to get their pennies out. Repeat donation rates among alumni sponsors currently stand somewhere between 50% and 75% (which is good!) but recent alumni are only a tiny fraction on the graph of university donations. This is often due to a combination of a) embarrassment at being asked for a lump sum donation and having little to give, b) lack of a university’s online presence – recent graduates can be more effectively reached and engaged online – and, finally, c) lack of interest in centralised projects.

Alumni often want to re-connect with student activities and their university experience, not new buildings! I’m sure you’ll feel the same way on leaving university.

We will help you tap into this missing generation of sponsors. Good news for universities as well as their societies.

Beat the cuts. Austerity shouldn’t be a reason to downsize your ambitions. Think of what would take your club or society to the next level and get dreaming, drafting, publishing and promoting! Students have nothing to lose but their chains… 😉


Fancy starting a project? Or simply checking out what’s already there? Hop along to hubbub.net to get going.

Best of luck!

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2 Responses to 10 reasons you’ll love hubbub.

  1. Hi Sponsorcraft,

    My name’s Nico and i’m at Bristol Uni in the last year of my Politics degree. I’m really interested in trying to get funding to host a SPAIS School (Sociology, Politics and International Studies) Christmas Ball/Meal. I’m head of the Politics Society here and unfortunately KPMG who was sponsoring us last year decided to drop us. Since then we’ve been trying to find alternate sources of funding to host events such as Pub Quizzes, Pub Politics, the annual dissertation party, speaker events (we try to encourage them to come by offering to pay travel expenses) etc. You can find other events we’ve organised on our website. We’ve been given a small grant by the Union and are in the midst of sorting out some form of sponsorship agreement with a local pub but we’re still trying to make up what we lost.

    Is there anything Sponsorcraft could do to help us out?

    Thanks a lot,


    • julianmay says:

      Certainly Nico! Thanks for getting in touch. We’re very sorry to hear about what happened with KPMG. It can be a nightmare for fundraisers at the moment. Sponsorship is the first thing likely to be dropped for companies looking to scale back.

      We’re launching our website next month. As soon as this is active, you’ll be able to draft a short proposal and we’ll give you and your events as much publicity as possible. All of your ideas sound like very good ones and should attract Bristol citizens and alumni at the very least. They might also appreciate the chance to see one of your high-profile speakers in action, after all. That could even be a suitable reward for your top tier sponsors. But we’ll leave you to decide that 😉

      Anyway, we will be sure to keep you posted on developments and will be happy to help you out from launch date onwards!

      All the best,

      The Sponsorcraft Team.

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